Starting Colts
I have known and met great horsemen. I have never seen or heard of a perfect one. But there are scores of us that work towards that goal every day. The best way that I know to thank the people that have helped me is for me to help others. If you’re looking for a" know-it-all" I am not your guy. I have had great opportunities to work with and for some very talented horsemen. The old saying of "I wish I knew then what I know now" is my only regret. So if I can help you learn it sooner than I did and without some of the "Hard Knocks" along the way, I am happy to help.


All clinics will cover how a horse learns and thinks. 1) Colt Starting - For those interested in learning how to work with and start their own colt. Helping with your timing and feel. Ground exercises and riding. Learning how to manage the fear in both you and your horse safely. 2) Problem Horse - Horses of all ages improving ground manners and riding. Giving you problem solving skills that will work long after the clinic is over. 3) Horsemanship - This would be working on both you and your horse. A Good horse can help the rider learn and a good rider can help the horse. Learning when to advance, when to stop, when to ask and when to change if something isn't working. Improving timing and feel. Learn how to improve your horse doing fun interesting things instead of souring him with overtraining. Consulting Analyzing your overall program, including goals, training, facilities, feeding and breeding. There are so many variables in the horse industry. We read or hear about great methods, feeds, equipment, tack and breed of horses. Just because something is a great product doesn't mean you need it at your place. One man's dream could be another man's nightmare. Having your horse program looked at could help cut cost and time while improving horsemanship and safety.


A) Athletes, politicians, actors and performers of all kinds need coaches. Having an unbiased second opinion can make the difference between success or failure. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to make a good impression with your horse, a Judge or an audience, the little things matter. We only get one chance to make a first impression. B) Also with the popularity of "colt starting" competitions there has been a need for clinicians and trainers to adjust their programs to get full credit for their horsemanship. It can be a challenge just to get accepted to some competitions. Streamline your program without compromising your horsemanship. All services are adjusted to accommodate the needs of the people involved. Cost for all services will vary depending on those needs. © 2014 Microsoft Terms Privacy & cookies Developers English (United States)
Photos byt Mark McMillan