Starting Colts
Often referred to as the horseman’s horseman, Mike has been has been starting colts for some of the world’s great horsemen since the 1970’s. His clients have included the likes of Shorty Freeman, Al Dunning, Don Dodge, Matlock Rose and Gene LaCroix, to name a few. The disciplines for which he has prepared young horses include everything from reining, roping and cutting to jumping and Arabian park. Still today, seventy-five percent of Mike’s business comes from other trainers who send him colts to break and problem horses to fix. Before the modern day term horse whisperer and the training practices that terminology denotes came into vogue, Mike was a master practitioner of this art. His style of patient, steady training, with an emphasis on understanding the horse, rather than forcing it to blindly yield, set him, not so long ago, in a class by himself. Today, in a world where more and more horse trainers and amateur enthusiasts are using methods similar to Mike’s, this horseman remains at the head of the class, beside the very best in his field.
Mike Kevil